Time to Begin Restoring a Sense of Respect for FREE WILL Intellect of Human Beings

The epidemic drugs use today is no accident. A way to keep you in a foggy state while making money and depriving you of FREE WILL

“Taking an antidepressant for depression is like taking a Tylenol for a shard of glass in your foot. wouldn’t you rather just remove it? Antidepressants don’t work the way we think they do and come with risks, including impulsive violence and debilitating withdrawal. They also distract from an opportunity to identify the real cause of symptoms, one that is entirely reversible. Conventional medicine is based on the notion that we are born broken and need chemicals to feel better; the mind is a machine that needs recalibration; and doctors always know what they are doing. Integrative medical doctor Brogan asserts that depression is not caused by imbalanced brain chemistry, but by lifestyle choices that unbalance the entire human physiology”

Are we not born at his image? Does the Creator needs recalibration with drugs prescribed by psychiatrists?

The great tragedy is that many schools and treatment centers are quick to give powerful psychotropics.

Psychiatry started on the right track when it discovered that mind could be re-balanced of its “inorganic” state by confronting past hidden traumas, but it failed to develop that discovery beyond the crude and haphazard techniques used today in psychotherapy. Psychiatry was derailed when it began to mask the symptoms with chemicals, and when it developed bizarre methods for bypassing individual FREE WILL. Backer acting beings and forcing them to ingest drugs by court orders, in favor of behavior modification in behavioral centers and mental hospitalizations against their will.

Powerful psychotropic “medicine” are energetically promoted to the medical community in such publications as the American Journal of Psychiatry and through workshops and seminars sponsored by the drugs companies. Nearly every medication advertised in the American Journal of Psychiatry have a long list though, containing severe adverse reactions. As many psychiatrists acknowledge drugs are chemicals and simply suppress the symptoms. The patient functions is no better than he or she did before. People are not being rebalanced but only have their symptoms masks and their temple invaded by dangerous chemicals.

But Doctors are trained in medical schools to “cure” physical problem. Where many doctors stray in their belief that a mental problem is the same as a broken bone!.

The law enforcement agencies spend an enormous amount of time and money to combat it!

It is Time to move away from the strict materialist perspective to get off the drugs, and to begin restoring a sense of respect for the FREE WILL intellect of human beings. We may then be able to truly start back on the road to genuine mental, social, and spiritual recovery for the human race.