Looking for Spiritual Growth, improve mental clarity… to find you life purpose while staying safe

Many are confusing “Reiki Healer” with a “Spiritual Energy Therapist”. Reiki attunement is the process by which a person after certification is able to give Reiki energy to ease pain and tension by sending you some energy.

Spiritual growth takes a “Spiritual Energy Healer” someone that is Spiritually gifted that will spiritually guide you and work on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual at the same time and can attune and adjust your body as well.

A “Spiritual Energy Healer” will work on the physical to attune and adjust the body and, raise your energy to the necessary level at that time. On the emotional by releasing your stuck unnecessary and unwanted emotional energies, your traumas, stress, and pains. On your spiritual growth by reconnecting your dormant DNA, balance your energy vortex (chakras), clear and balance your aura while keeping you safe from the attack of unwanted energies. This is very important!

(Chakras are wheels of energy and centers of the spiritual power in the human body)