Violet Flame

You are asked by Master Saint Germain and Ashtar Sheran to unite now and use the violet Ray. Don’t give other impulses, which would weaken you, any room, stay united and in this way you will be stronger. The violet lightgrid which has shortly been activated. It is the grid which shall unite races and continents, it is the grid which shall transmute the energies and it is a grid which will help you to be strong.
Could it be that you don’t see the necessity to unite in order to arrive where we all want to be? The darkness will take advantage if you don’t remain united and it is uniting (as well) these days; don’t let yourself be manipulated by the powerful of this world and their traps and most important, don’t take anything for granted! It is true that the goal has already been set, but it is also true that you have to work on and for it.
Ashtar Sheran and I, Saint Germain, will give you the necessary instructions for this work, beloved ones; much energetic work is reaching its goal, now we ask you to unite in this grid because it is the time for it.
The work (you shall do) consists of three parts; in the beginning it may take some effort, but once you have integrated it, the work will be easy and will be done effortlessly as if by itself:

First of all exchange addresses as you have already been doing. Simultaneously direct the Violet Ray, which comes forth from your third eye, across the seas. It is important that it passes over the seas, uniting continents, while thinking of that other person. In the beginning this will be more personal as you are few, but as the group expands, the intention to reach the country where the people live shall suffice. Direct this Violet Ray with your intention, and it will reach the people you want to reach.

It is comforting to see how many lightworkers set their mobile alarm clocks and orient themselves to it.

The second part (of your work) is to heal with etheric crystals.
Does anything hurt you? Do you feel anxious? Create this etheric crystal, visualizing it exactly in the area which bothers you. Activate it with your Violet Ray and then the crystal will start to rotate, wrapping the area up in a violet sphere which transmutes that energy. When you connect again the next day, you can continue to activate the crystal if the uneasiness has not yet dissolved; there are no limits to this procedure in days. You can do this for yourselves or for someone who has given you permission to help him / her; you can use this procedure with any uneasiness or illness. It will help you and you will help (others). This procedure has already been tested and used with excellent results. You can use octohedrons.

And finally, as a third step, direct your ray using your intention to the surface of the earth to those groups of power from whom you already know who they are and what they pretend (at the moment the famous obligatory vaccine). Send them your violet energy using your intention so it reaches those groups of power and then (direct it) beneath the surface of the earth, to their laboratories; transmute their productions and their experiments because you have the power to do so. Some of you will perceive images of where to direct that transmuting energy.
Come on! This is your full right to transmute everything which is against God’s Divine Plan.
You should recognize your energetic power, everything you can achieve.
Recognize your power. You are doing excellent work and we congratulate you. The Union will come now and you know it.

I Am, I Am, I Am