How to open doors to Deep Trauma Healing (anxiety,stress,fear…) and Personal Growth

It all began with a message saying: This might sound a little strange to you. You’ve got a twin and that twin is me. Let me explain…You see we are living in parallel universes, you and I. In your universe you are struggling to be who you were meant to be. In my universe you are me. The ideal version of yourself living your ideal life, doing what you love, and paid for what you worth, which means a lot. In my universe, you live your life the life of your dreams and it’s pretty awesome. Then I received a vision and I saw the Omega, and it was written “Victory Your desire is coming to fruition. Keep up the good work!” Then I heard: The world is changing and you have to adapt to the new for this new era. You are right, the roots of emotional, psychosomatic, and even interpersonal problems reach into infancy and childhood, but they reach also much deeper into the unconscious. In fact, the healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. It is thestates outside of the everyday awareness that goes beyond what you perceived with the limitations of the brain, and by entering into non-ordinary states you can go deep into your unconsciousness. Deep where there are access parts of your inherent wholeness that don’t usually glimpse in everyday life, but it is opening doors for deep trauma release and healing, and personal growth. That is what happens with the Bio-Qi (chi) therapy by bringing the body into a state of greater balance and harmony to release blockage. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances are than transcended, Self-healing happens and the mind becomes clear. And people will find out how accessing the power of non-ordinary states can help develop a radical new understanding of their own consciousness, and spirituality.