From Shamans to Benedict Monks and Gregorian Chants…

The ancient art of sound healing and Light frequency spans cross-cultural traditions and history. From shamans to Benedictine monks, sound healing practitioners have long relied upon particular musical notes, vocal techniques, and instruments to affect the emotional, spiritual, and physical conditions of those around them.

Those ancient healers were in tune with the power of vibrational frequencies — but it is only within the last 100 years that modern science has been able to validate sonic healing modalities through technology, finding that particular frequencies are indeed responsible for triggering healing responses in mind and body.

Sounds that were thought to influence healing have been revisited and examined to determine why they so affect the human condition.

Scientists have also discovered the profound healing benefits that Gregorian chants

have on those who perform them. Among researchers’ findings, performers experience the lowest heart rates and blood pressure while singing, and their fatigue and depression is reportedly lifted. The therapeutic properties of Gregorian chants, and the “Light language” also extends to those who listen to them, with some entering trance states that alleviate disease symptoms and chronic pain.

A mexican Scientist has found that he could cure with Light Frequency.

And it is very well known that Light spectrum color is known to help with seasonal disorder like with babies born with jaundice, used to clean the blood. Light-Color Harmonic boosts the immune system at cellular level when the body is irridiated with the right Color Light frequency.