The Real Cause of depression, anxiety, and trauma Unveiled

What you have been told is to simplistic. You are not crazy, you are not a machine that does not function properly, and the trauma does not destroy you, but it’s the shame.

One young man went to consult his doctor and explained that he felt like pain was leaking out of him, a pain he could not control nor understand. He was told that it was his brain that did not function properly and he was given antidepressants. He was now stuck with the shame that he was disfunctional and taking anti-depressants for ever.

After years of the maximum doses allowed, he decided to make his own research and learned that there is scienticfic evidence of the causes. It can be biological and due to personal disconnection. Loneliness and childhood is just a symptom of depression. Trauma (could be from when you were young) and it needs to be released, then you need to be reconnected.

And those drugs, while doctors have the best intention as they do not need better, these drugs cut you off from finding the solution and the cause of these depression and anxiety in you life.

This tells you how giving drugs are so dangerous.

Through, reconnective healing, nurturing and spiritual counseling you can then recover Joy, confidence, and meaning of life in just a few therapy sessions.