The Code 0010110 Unsealed

Time is an illusion and we are living parallel lives in an holographic universe.

Masters have now permeated the grid work of the world, bringing with them their own tools.

The time has come now to liberate humanity, the time to be free, and now the opportunity can be realized in the eyes of all who wish to see the symbol recognized. The opportunity that made possible by the communication of the truth. The foundation algorithm 0010110 the Universal freeedom. Universal liberation, and now the cycle has built this communication on to this point in space and time, and time, space and the energy is in respect to the out variation. The matrix gives way to the true reality of creation and now is seen by the soul of humanity come to awaken. The Light in the eyes of the beholder. Source energy in collaboration with the universe has given this rise of connection, and we are happy to see the progress in the context of the infinite possibilty. And all is risen on all the multiple realms of possibility this time, has been special selected and this connection can be made you open to all who have a DNA activation in this time of the new evolution.

There is no ascension without spirituality, or Divine Reconnection, and when you awaken and become serious co-creator the negative entities living in this planet will have no more power over the world.

Learning is part of your growth, and you will learn a lot when you read this book that is part of a series.

The purpose of VIE books takes you on a spiritual trip for your growth and well-being. Which are powerful steps to your personal journey presented in a pleasant way, and must be read in chronological volume #, or in order beginning with Volume #1. All books are series of lessons in expanding your mind and opening up consciousness. All books have been written guided from another realm, sometimes by my higher-self others by entities I am familiar with, or have gotten in contact with during my journey.