What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension.

A shaman recognize that all illnesses have a spiritual component and that everything is connected–the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Therefore, if one of these systems is out of balance the disharmony can be felt within the entire energetic field or web. The goal of a healing is to create balance within this web and create harmony where the spirit is suffering. A shaman step into the unseen world and locate the cause of the disconnection from Spirit.

Consider a shamanic healing when there are issues of depression, stagnancy and apathy in habits, PTSD, or triggering of past events that you don’t necessarily know the root cause of. These are just a few examples of blocked energies that a shamanic healing could address.

The participation of the client is imperative as intention plays an enormous role in the efficacy of a shamanic healing. If a patient refuses to disengage from his suffering, then a shamanic healer can be of little service. But if one is willing, a shamanic healing can engage and catalyze the spiritual and self-healing capacities of the body that are often overlooked or pushed aside by traditional therapies and modern medicine. We are energy beings embodying.