Keeping your body, mind, and consciousness safe during visitation of the coronavirus with Quantum Energy Healing.

Keeping your body, mind, and consciousness safe during visitation of the coronavirus with Quantum Energy Healing.

Dear Ones, I believe that empowering others to rise is the single most important thing we can do to create a better world, especially during these challenging times. We have entered a new era, the era of transformation in our evolution as spiritual beings. The old ways are not working anymore and you are all trying to understand the coronavirus and why government and politicians act the way they are.

As a Master Conveyor of Energy, Vibrational Transformation Energy/Frequency therapist, a Metaphysical healer, Light and sound Therapist, and a speaker of the language of the Light, initiated, trained and reconnected by Archangel Michael I’ve dedicated my life to providing the tools, and support that my clients need to self-actualize and create a better future for themselves and the world.

My clientele is worldwide, and nationwide. All searching for the truth. What is behind their ailments, unease, disease, and illness? Experiencing the ripples of fear and the anxiety being released through bodies and energy fields in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic around the globe.

You are a multidimensional being. Understand that Fear lower the frequency of the body, and serve the purpose of the negative energies at that time. The elites in power have a hidden agenda. Fear is a spirit. And some of you carry already some buried emotions, traumas that you do not need. Actually it is dangerous. It weakened) your immune system, and unconsciously you are trying to release it. Truth has been hidden to you. Some of you have stomach and digestive problems, and tests and X-rays cannot show anything wrong. But your immune system is lower and susceptible to repetitive flue, bronchitis, strep throat, throat infection, and much more. The earth is aligning, the climate is changing and your body is trying to adjust but these things that you are carrying from the past, emotions, and the negative energies, must be taken care of, and the medical system cannot do anything for it.

Your body has to be re-aligned and your frequency elevated to the right amount, your chakras balanced, your DNA activated and the two-part of your brain reunited or you will keep having these health problems and you will not have clarity of mind and direction that is needed at that time and to ascension. You will keep wondering what you are supposed to be doing, and who you are. And, why your life suddenly changed upside down with this added coronavirus.

The human species, that you are, actually has 12 strands of DNA, two that can be seen with the third dimension, and ten that humans can’t be seen that exist in higher dimension. From all twelve strands is a key aspect of the process of Ascension, and to raising the vibrational frequencies of mainstream consciousness out of fear into love.

So, when twelve strands are operating, you as humans can more easily experience the essence as infinite Love and union with our Divine Creator. Also, the reactivation of the latent unusual areas of the brain along with the reunion of the right and left sides of the brain, as it starts happening, will make you feel the powers of the manifestation then created overflowing creativity, psychic paranormal activities, clear past-life recall, and many other things with it. DNA has also a connection to the chakras and to dimensional communication as well.

The concept of ‘hidden’ DNA strands that when activated raise our consciousness level.

That is why to be able to help more people a day, and with the fear the corona pandemic has created, to keep you safe and happy all my sessions are in Quantum from now on. All I need from you is to contact me by e-mail (no phone), to give me the reason you want a session, pick and pay your session online and I will get back to you.

Please be very careful not everyone can offer you this. Many works with energy, which is fine, but to do these specific sessions, I have been reconnected to the Divine, and without the creator, nothing can be achieved.

I have also been guided by Archangel Michael to channel and write the series of books that you can find on my website to help you awaken to the truth quicker and expand your consciousness.

Much love and many blessings,

In Light and Love always,

VIE (for the God Duo)