Quantum Energy & Frequency Field Healing Therapy

The multidimensional and quantum frequency energy healing through vibrational projected intuitive energy will shift the energy flow and allow for healing to occur. When traumatizing experiences occur the brain activates fight or flight systems and that emotional response may cause a trapped emotion to manifest in a part of the body.

These trapped emotions change the pattern of the thought process for future events, Fear changes the pattern of behavior in the individual in the future events that manifest.

Trapped emotions manifest disease and also energetic expression may be seen on the body. It may have an effect on the muscular system as well and may resemble knots of pressure on that associated area form. When all trauma is healed the individual heals the body and brings cohesion to physical matter.

Her session story

“The moment I lay down a magnetic field gently cradled my body. The connection was made.
To set the scene nothing in the weeks prior to our session had I heard of VIE or “what she does”. Our session thus came about only because of circumstances and the intuition “it felt right”… and drastic measures were needed to address all unpleasant unexpected suddenly surfacing in my family’s legacy. The hours leading up to our session even had a resurgence of upsetting facts that triggere feelings of newfound anger and frustration in me.
I had no expectations, nor reservations about “what might or not take place” in session with VIE.
I simply had full confidence that on a bigger scale, it was something needed to release positive power and generate a shift back to wellbeing for me and the greater good of most.
To understand my descriptions below, please know I am a person who generally associates an image to all physical perceptions, someone who turns any verbal exchange into a comic strip book mental experience with my own constant pop-up bubbles…
If I summarize my session with VIE, it was me being the exclusive front row spectator of my own beautiful “feel and light” performance. Please take note I deliberately use the word “performance” with the meaning of “one’s own ability” and not that of “one own acting”.
By stating this comment above perhaps I have now voiced what has been puzzling me in my own family trials and tribulations of the past three years.
I perceive VIE as an investigative journalist with an intuitive hunch to feel or ask this and that so can ethically do “whatever it takes” for accurate facts to surface and be known. Whether course of action is taken from thereon by reader to value or not the reading of the article, will be entirely responsibility of said reader, not in any way the responsibility of the investigative reporter who never can impose or force the reader to anything.
I perceived our session as me being the choreographer of a spectacular
ballet filled with graceful motions, uplifting lighting, and flowing backdrops and artists the analogy to my sought-after harmony between colorful mental association and enhanced body awareness.
The 1st stage of our session was on physical awareness. I became aware of my left shoulder twinging until realized all my fingers were magnetically drawn to the mattress. For the longest time, my crooked left pinky demanded to have lots of attention, followed by other articulations, themselves heroes of past injuries/surgeries now claiming some TLC.
My mind took note of how my left bodily parts positioned themselves very asymmetrically from their twin right-side counterpart. Both my ankles were seemingly held down in a comforting way by unseen hands holding them from above firmly pressed grounded on the bed.
My back soon enough drew attention to itself. If I recall correctly this was in conjunction with some needed emotional release for I was acutely aware of the physical thoracic feeling that I was resting on a blunt spike poking upwards through the mattress, whilst the front of my rib cage projected forward and upwards as that of the prow sculpture of vintage buccaneer boats drawing all forward in motion.
VIE inquired about my hands. I noticed both had now turned themselves to face upwards. Right hand positioned itself as if cupping the underside of a rounded wine glass when my left one gave me the feeling of holding a large flat platter.
I remember a fleeting moment my neck transforming into a very heavy dark cannonball plus the on and off awareness of “something” with my throat that also had to be released.
2nd stage was that of visual display stunningly dominated by the most radiant indigo blues with occasional purple hues. All patterns generally emerged indigo, then shifted swiftly to vibrant sunflower golden yellow. For an undetermined time, I was mesmerized by this rhythmic flow and enlarging of truly exquisite artwork displays. The images went from flower buds opening up into oversized peonies likes shapes, to alternating between indigo blues and sunflower yellows full bouquets, to spectacular dark indigo manta rays powerfully ondulating across a black ocean under a fiery golden sky. There was a briefer vertical interchange of flowing screens as if curtains of coloured indigo to golden yellow rain.
The next powerful and very distinctive scenes were of peaceful atomic bomb-like explosions of clouds, huge formations going from indigo to dark purple then fading to very light and “fluffy feeling” lavender tones before another the birth of another indigo explosion…
The 3rd stage and perhaps final part of our session was VIE guiding me up 3 steps.
My instant vision was of a glowing cartoon-style black background with a single sunflower yellow rectangle slightly off-centered to the left.
Suddenly one section took form and light up into a glowing 3D indigo step. This pattern was done one step at a time so all my focus was on that neon glow indigo blue that guided my footing. As if on a pressure motion, the moment I was stepping off the previous step the one immediately popped up glowing 3D indigo as the previous one receded back into a flat yellow rectangle. This is how made my way up into bright dark oblivion where never saw anything else aside from one black bench upon which I sat waiting to see what would appear in front of me. I had no expectations but did look intently but nothing/no one appeared. I just enjoyed basking in the most extraordinary intense full surrounds of luminous indigo blues vapors with feeling of elation.
I cannot recall accurately when exactly but another impacting moment was when in one of my indigo blisses, a round faceted diamond shape light appeared through the bleu veils much reminiscent of a luminous full moon shining through thin cloud coverage. (Gabbie. K.)

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