Magnetizer and Healer

For some people there is a difference in between these words, and some other people have confusion about them.

The magnetizer utilizes the energy of surrounding. It is the starting point for a magnetizer. A magnetizer is someone who aims to recharge the patient with new energy so that he can heal himself.

The healer, heals do healing only in the spiritual realm. In short, a healer heals by conveying the energy of love, and It’s not necessery for counselee to be present.

Being a healer is not just an occupation it is a contract of sacrifice. During the healing processes the healer feels all the pain that the counselee has had related to the subject worked on. Cells store and continue to hold energy from intense experiences of past and present lifetimes. Some of these experiences were good, some bad, and a few horrendous and terrifying. This old energy remains alive and well, affecting a person’s life choices until Cleared through Spiritual Evolutionary Growth, otrConscious Intention

This pain is the consciousness of the consistent battle in between good and bad. It is these tests that make our souls stronger.There is no better reward than healing someone.

My gifts are for others, to help them.

During the sessions I convey the supreme love to them which I channel from the celestial. It is unique and does not resemble any love that we know in this world. VIE