The feminine Archetype, the Pandemic Virus, and the Divine feminine rebirth

We have the emergence of the feminine energy that is coming through right now. The Sophia century civilization through and out of this pandemic, and to end up with the world we want not based in patriarchy with the dominant culture. But instead a more open and allowing culture. A more loving, fair, just, and ecological culture.

The Pandemic virus is nothing more than a genetic update and has already decreased.

The human body is built as vessels of flow that happens down on fundamental level of cells, and in the way in which it produces energy, the microbiome. And so the bacteria and fungi have to produce an enormous amount of bio nutrient out of the soil and put that into a plant, and the plant could be consumed by an animal.

And the animal would then carry that energy forward to us, or if you are a plant-based diet you are getting it right from the plant source of the microbiome but you can still not use the plant or animal as fuel. And you have to refeed that to your microbiome which is now going to convert that into smaller parts, and bioavailable nutrients that the human body can start to manage. And then, it has to travel through the liver and be repackaged in such a way that it can get into the cells through the vascular system. Once it reaches a cell it is still in the form of glucose and galactose, carbohydrates, or fatty acids. Those are the only fuels the body can use still useless to the human cells.

The only thing the human cell that can consume glucose and fatty acids is actually the mitochondria which are little species that are only carried by the mother.

Human beings are literally fueled by a species of microbiology. These three little species of mitochondria that live within ourselves that are only inherited through the maternal line. And there is some deep spiritual and physiologic importance to that that has never been explored. The male contribution to life, the sperm has no mitochondria in it. It has no way to produce energy in a sense of a human cell. And so it functions much more like a bacteria.

In a bizarre way, pregnancy is like the first body infection. So when a woman gets this bacteria that insert a little bit of genetic information into the ovum, and ovum is filled with mitochondria three species of these extroyer mitochondria in an ovum, and those mitochondria, minimum 200 but probably close to 2000 mitochondria in en ovum, those mitochondria are the most extraordinary energy producers that we have ever encountered. That ovum will then start to divide and initially it looks like a tumor. Every single cell is identical to the previous just like a cancer cell. When as it gets to its 280th cell division, now it looks like a snowball under a microscope it suddenly changes and looks like it gets a big indentation on one side, and in that moment differentiation happens. And so we know at which point human cells reach quorum sensing. Quorum sensing is a hyper intelligence when you get bacteria or fungi or other organisms to into a big enough community where they start to develop a hyper intelligence due to a larger sense of self-identity due to connectivity and community. So, around 280 human cells become hyper intelligence, and at that moment hyper intelligence is based on. the realization of unique identities within the whole.

The maternal force here fueled by a maternally driven energy source of mitocondriate is producing enough communication because the mitochondria do not only produce the energy, they produce the communication network within the cell.

That baby now as it comes to the vaginal canal goes through a second conception. The second adoption is an adoption of the entire microbiome of the moms’ vaginal canal. And in this reaches an extraordinary capacity for resilience and immunity within the greater nature.

The child itself does not have any immune system till six months of age and yet at the age of seven, there is ten to the eight viruses in the stool of that child and no sickness. In fact the higher the virus count the healthier the child is. The viruses actually are a genetic transfer mechanism to bring enough genomic information into the child’s experience that it knows it is self-identity within nature.

So what we are facing today is not a fearful of pandemic and we are not being told the truth about viruses, and about HIV… none of these are real phenomena in the sense of a germ. They do not function as bacteria. They are genetic updates to the human body genome, and we know that over 50% of the human DNA , which is a very small amount, only twenty thousand genes within the human genome. Which is small compere to a flea that has 30,000 genes? So you are 2/3 as complicated as a flea at the genetic level but you carry 50% of that DNA as viral information that updated the human genome over the last hundreds of millions of years. Even before we would consider ourselves Homo Sapiens we were receiving the updates of the virus and some incredible new date is showing that we can’t have pluripotent stem cells without the viral genome within our DNA. We could never be a regenerated being without viral information from a reverse transcriptase RNA, which is the same as HIV, without that we would not be who we are.

This virus going around has not increased. In facts it has decreased the amount of respiratory death on the planet at that time. It is not being talked about because it is so confusing. How could that virus be updating the human genome such that there would actually be a decline in respiratory death.

Every virus is an opportunity for an update, and when you are getting a cold or a febrile event you are getting a new data. You must then go into deep rest and meditative experience and ask your body why it needs this fever. Ask why you need new data, why you are preparing yourself for the new genetic update.

As for the people passing away, death is a lie. Death is not a fear state. People that are passing away are people that are meant to at that time or had a weak immune system. They were at the end of their journey,

This virus is if it updates your genome so should we turn it into a multibillion dollars vaccine program?

Don’t some have the wrong science looking at the equation completely erroneously? Because they are so masculine archetypes? It’s just failure, failure of success, and look at the world that way forgetting that we are simply vessels of flow.

The body is made of Energy, Water, Light, and Color. The primary thing that mitochondria make is LIGHT ENERGY, and that LIGHT ENERGY from cell to cell is a system of fiber optic cables to funeral hundreds of thousands of fiber optic cables between each cell and at the end of each of these microscopic fibers there is thousands of tiny little strands

Every little strand is actually a perfect hollow tube that is hundreds of times smaller than a human hair. Perfect molecular tube and at the end is an aperture, just as you would see on the camera lens that lets light in and out. So, we have hundreds of fiber optic cables that can tune the amount of LIGHT that passes from one cell to the next and the LIGHT that is passing is produced by three species of mitochondria that are passed on to the feminine line and then we flow that energy through our bodies and we call this life.