Magnetizer and Healer

For some people there is a difference in between these words, and some other people have confusion about them. The magnetizer utilizes the energy of surrounding. It is the starting point for a magnetizer. A magnetizer is someone who aims to recharge the patient with new energy so that he can heal himself. The healer, …

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Violet Flame

You are asked by Master Saint Germain and Ashtar Sheran to unite now and use the violet Ray. Don’t give other impulses, which would weaken you, any room, stay united and in this way you will be stronger. The violet lightgrid which has shortly been activated. It is the grid which shall unite races and …

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Succeeding and achieving your life purpose

Reality comes from your soul’s intuitive guidance because, at a soul level, you see everything that you need to succeed and achieve your purpose in life. Leading thinkers are simply people whose normal frequency of consciousness is higher than average. The higher your frequency, the greater your awareness and the greater your ability to lead …

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